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The ASPEN Notification Appliance NA-1001 is used to monitor up to four analog contact closure zones. If these zones are tripped, the system will send you an SMS text or email notification. Once the zone is restored you will get a notification also. This allows for remote system monitoring of compressors and other equipment whose status needs to be known always, very practical for the oil & gas production and natural gas compression markets. The NA-1001 can save a company time and money by notifying someone that the system is down, allowing repair ASAP and not the next day.

The NA-1001 is a standalone system that does not require power or special communications. It is a self-contained solar unit that utilizes the cellular data network to communicate and relay system notifications. You can choose either Verizon or ATT communications at the time of purchase. It is powered by 12 VDC battery with solar charging.

The NA-1001 has four individual analog contact closure inputs. These can be configured at normally open (NO) or normally closed (NC) depending on your setup. The NA-1001 can monitor may different sensors as long as they have a contact closure. For example, a Murphy SwitchGuage, High Level / Low Level gauge could simply be monitored and an SMS messages sent as soon as the system hits one of these levels. It could also monitor a gate and let someone know the gate has been opened or closed via SMS text.

ASPENs Notification Appliance fees can be found below. There is no long-term contract required with this unit only a month to month service fee.


-          NA-1001-xxx: MSRP Call for Pricing. Shipping charges also apply.

-          One time setup Fee: $24.95 per unit.

-          Monthly Fee: $39.95 plus taxes / month

-          Excessive SMS text or emails exceeding 100 per month: $9.95 plus taxes / month

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NA-1001-CDMA for Verizon Wireless

Na-1001-GSM for ATT Wireless




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